Consent for publishing

By submitting my Journey to Health story, I consent to Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System (“SRHS”) using any patient photos, videos, recordings or any form of electronic media submitted by me for publication and promotion in any medium whatsoever. Such materials submitted to SRHS may be used for educational, training, marketing or promotional purposes, or for any broadcast, printed document, or public viewing, at any time.

I confirm that any photographs, videos, recording, or typed content submitted are my own and understand that my identity including name and photo will accompany the content submitted. Such information and content may be used in formats described above, in full original or edited form. The content submitted may be edited for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and length before publishing.

I am giving my permission freely and I understand this consent will remain effective for five years, or until revoked by submitting a request in writing to [email protected]. I understand I may refuse to agree to this Consent and that my refusal will have no influence whatsoever on the medical care I receive.

I understand that I will receive no compensation for participating, contributing, and submitting content for publication and/or distribution. I specifically release SRHS from any form of liability or other obligation arising from my choosing to participate and submit materials to be shared.

I understand that in submitting narrative content, photos, videos, recordings, or other materials, SRHS is under no obligation to use the content for publication, promotion, marketing, or distribution purposes.

NOTE: Patients under the age of 18 must have a parent, legal guardian, or other authorized person to submit materials and/or content on their behalf.