Terms and Conditions

We understand that information about you and your health is personal, and we are committed to protecting the privacy of that information. Because of this, we must obtain your written authorization before we may use or disclose your protected health information for the purposes described below. This form provides that authorization and ensures you are properly informed of how this information will be used or disclosed. Please read the information below carefully before agreeing to the terms of this authorization.

Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System (“SRHS”) may disclose the information you submit about your SRHS experience by electronically publishing it to stories.spartanburgregional.com and/or other SRHS sites or social media platforms. SRHS will communicate with you regarding the status of your submission through the contact information you have provided in your submission form. SRHS may also use the information you submit about your experience for: educational, training, and/or promotional purposes; publicity, advertising (print, digital, and/or television), publications, and/or solicitation of contributions; and/or broadcast and/or other public display or viewing.

The information used and disclosed will be limited to the information you submit through this website form. The information that is posted/disclosed on this site and/or other SRHS sites and social media channels may include: your name, the city and state where you live, your own description of your patient experience, the name of your physician and/or care provider involved in your treatment and/or recovery, and your photo. Your submission should only include information about your own experience, treatment and/or recovery. Any content shared through this form that discloses patient information about another individual will not be published.

Any sensitive information shared by you with SRHS through the Journey to Health site will be removed from your content prior to publication and promotion. If sensitive information cannot be deleted from the materials provided, SRHS may decline to share your patient experience altogether. The following types of content are considered sensitive: HIV-related information (which is any information indicating that you have had an HIV-related test, or have HIV infection, HIV-related illness or AIDS, or any information that could indicate you have been potentially exposed to HIV); substance abuse information; psychiatric/psychotherapy care information; sexually transmitted disease information; tuberculosis information; and genetic information.

This authorization will expire in five years. You have the right to revoke this authorization except to the extent SRHS has relied on it by submitting a request in writing to [email protected]. You have the right to refuse this authorization by not submitting your story. Your refusal will not affect your ability to receive medical care at SRHS. SRHS will, however, not be allowed to use your patient experience information if you decide not to agree to this authorization.

Once your patient experience information is published on SRHS sites or social media platforms or for any of the other purposes described above, it may be redisclosed by others viewing or receiving the information and no longer protected by SRHS.